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We integrate Salesforce with the Agent Workplace

For some time now, we have an integration of our Agent Workplace with Salesforce, the leading cloud-based CRM system.

As a fully cloud-based customer relationship management service, Salesforce fits our network-based contact center suite perfectly. It runs in any leading browser, so both products are well positioned to match each other. On top of that, Salesforce is a powerful CRM module with all its features and I’m not surprised that it became such a huge success.
For the integration, we’re using their API, which allows us to pull up a separate tab, which is presented in the same browser session as the workplace. So when an incoming call reaches the platform, after the IVR service logic, the call eventually hits the skill group. When that happens, our system sends a variable e.g. the caller’s CLI to Salesforce via the API. Salesforce returns with a page in the browser showing the respective customer information in case the person was found. If the caller was not found, the agent gets to see a page that allows him to create an account for that particular number.
Joining two powerful products in this way entails an easy to use, feature rich, quick to market solution for managing a contact center solution completely in the cloud.
The good news for our customers: this CRM plug-in is a standard connector, so we can offer the integration to all our customers who are offering the NBCC product.