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Contact Center Resources

In a contact center you need lots of things predefined and ready if you want to do a change in a routing tree. You need prompts, origin lists, suffix lists, SMS templates, SOAP requests and so on. We call them Resources.

In the effECTive® Web Portal we have one central location where you can manage all your contact center resources. Obviously you’ll find them under the tab “Resources”. The idea of a central location was to make the resources available for all your routings. Say you need to change a TTS prompt, then you enter the new text in the web portal under the proper resource. You save it and the change in the prompt becomes active in all routings you’re using this prompt.

You create or change a VoiceXML the very same way. We have a VoiceXML editor in the web portal, when you change code in an existing VXML icon, it will be valid for the icon regardless in which routing you’re using it. You may wonder where the calls end up that your agents record. Guess what, you find them in the resources. And since they are part of the web portal you can change and manage your resources from wherever you want. All you need is a browser and internet access.

So does your contact center have resources?