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Contact Center Survival Guide at Peak Times

Just as I promised, here comes my piece on how a network-based solution helps contact centers at peak times. I even claim that a network-based solution is absolutely essential when you have a peak like the one recently caused by the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

It made the demand for contact centers skyrocket. Airlines, travel agencies, car rental agencies, authorities, you name them, received deluges of phone calls that had to be processed. We’re talking about thousands of calls per second (CAPS). A premise-based call center solution usually isn’t equipped with so much additional capacity. With a powerful network-based solution, the issue of capacity isn’t even raised.

As a contact center your first priority must be to handle each and every incoming call in a way that callers don’t have to wait too long until their call is answered. For that you need a powerful automatic call distribution and a Voice-over-IP solution to host additional agent workplaces.

You need to be able to set up these workplaces and you need to integrate them in your automatic call distribution (ACD) in virtually no time.

Your contact center doesn’t have enough physical workplaces? With a call center solution that is browser-based, your agents can sit anywhere; at home, in the park or in another country, it doesn’t matter. All they need is an internet connection and a headset. This solution makes it easier for contact centers to acquire additional agents on demand.

At the same time, agent and manager workplaces are connected. So managers can listen to phone calls and “whisper” in order to help agents. Basically, all the features you expect from your premised-based solution are available in a powerful network-based call center. However you’re fully independent with the network-based solution. It’s this flexibility that makes a network-based contact center essential for any peak situation.

Has it ever happened to you that a call center collapsed under the load of incoming phone calls? How easy was it to obtain information during an extreme peak? Why don’t you share your experience?

Contact Centers on Demand

Hi, my name is Patrick Milata and my colleague Reinier Meuwissen, Werner Klötsch and I will take turns in keeping you posted with news and stories from the world of network-based contact centers and televoting.

My position at ECT requires a good deal of travelling. As a frequent flyer, things have happened to me that would be worth a blog of their own. I guess I’m not alone. Our air traffic is a very sensitive system and there are countless opportunities for things to go wrong.

When something happens, thousands of travelers get stuck, lose their baggage, or miss their flights. That’s the time when helpdesks and call centers get busy.

We have a client who makes a lot of money by providing on-demand (pay per use) contact centers to airlines using our effECTive® suite for his network-based call center solution.

In a crisis situation, the demand for his service skyrockets. A premise-based call center solution can’t handle a large-scale sudden peak. That’s the point where a powerful web-based call center solution is needed and that’s what our customer provides. He has a powerful platform from which he can give his customer, the airline, the number of requested seats and implement them quickly in their ACD at the flick of a switch.

I think this is a very smart business model. The airline only rents additional capacity for the time they need it. A carrier, however, can only offer such a business model with a network-based contact center solution. With a premise-based solution he would never be able to provide a high number of additional seats in virtually no time. But how exactly does a network-based contact center help? That’s our topic next time. Stay tuned.