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Why a single-sign on for agents enhances the customer experience

A couple of weeks ago I attended a very nice webinar from the Call Centre Helper. It was dealing, among other things, with the question, how many applications a contact center agent needs to handle a customer’s enquiry. The whole idea that an agent might need several applications on his workplace struck me. How inconvenient; no wonder so many customers are unhappy with service over the phone and contact center agents describe their work as often frustrating.

The more I think of it, the more I like the single-sign on for our effECTive® Web Portal over which you access the agent workplace with just one mouse click. Over the same web portal you do not only access the workplace but all other contact center functionalities.

In the Agent Workplace you have all the modules like e-mail, phonebook, chat function, social media and CRM. That’s why we also call it “Unified Agent Workplace”. The advantage is obvious: the agent has all functionalities he needs available and does not have to open various windows and multiple applications, each with a different log-in. For the agent it’s easier to do his work and customer enquiries can be answered much faster and more efficiently. Also, the interaction with other agents is much easier when you have the chatbox and e.g. the CRM on the same screen. Of course contact centers also save money when they manage to reduce the time an agent needs for answering an enquiry.

There are two reasons why you have these shortcomings on many agent desktops. First: Applications come from multiple vendors. You may have a social media module from one company, the e-mail client from another one and the CRM is of course a third-party application as well. There are other companies who do nothing else than developing software for workforce management. Bottom line: agents end up with a plethora of different applications and log-ins on their desktops.

The second reason has to do with integration. Many desktops are just not open enough to integrate third party applications very deep. It works both ways – many applications are just not open enough to be integrated into an agent desktop, plus, vendors don’t want their products to be integrated into another application so they are no longer distinguishable.

Here at ECT, we have all these various types of applications, including those from third parties, on our platform and then integrated into our agent workplace. This means they are easier to integrate and easier to access for the agent. From a security standpoint there is another advantage: all applications and all the databases are secured on the carrier-side. This means they are easy to access but you cannot hack the system.

Of course, we at ECT are partnering with other companies to improve our products continuously. We’re also doing our homework: our agent and manager workplace is designed to be so open that you can integrate all kinds of third party applications. Contact me if you wish to find out more!