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What Social CRM Should Be Like

For a moment let’s suspend the notion that we’re all nerdy telco people and give in to the idea that we’re also customers that request service every now and then. When we do so, we generally appreciate when the organization we interact with doesn’t only respond quick but may be familiar with us and the type of enquiry we may have.

As you all know, that’s what CRM systems are for. Some say a good Customer Relationship Management tool is at the heart of every contact center. There is certainly more than a grain of truth in this, depending on what kind of data is stored in the CRM and how it’s updated. Typical entries would be name, billing details, address, interaction history as well as products/ services bought.

These types of information help to judge how quickly a customer enquiry is dealt with, so they should interface with the ACD. I think one of the most important parameters for the CRM is the interaction history and especially with regards to social media.

Not only because it enables you to review the interaction history a customer had with you via Facebook or Twitter you would also store in your CRM how influential your customers are on the social web. Here CRM and ACD intertwine because a more influential customer, even if he’s not a frequent buyer or may be late with his payments may be treated with priority.

A good social CRM should therefore, on top of other data, archive company-related social media activity and the customer’s influence. At the same time, his influence should be updated dynamically. Does his network increase or shrink are there other influencers that he competes with? On which topics is this person influential?

These are pretty relevant questions when it comes to answering an enquiry or handling a complaint and that’s why they ought to be included in a modern Customer Relationship Management tool.