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How to do PCI compliant call recording

How careful are you with your data? When you purchase something over the internet, do you use your credit card? Probably. I guess you also do credit card payments when you buy something over a contact center and process the order together with an agent. You wouldn’t do it if you didn’t consider it safe.

To make sure you can keep buying things over the phone securely, PCI-compliant call recording became a legal requirement for contact centers e.g. in the UK but also in other European countries. The point is, payment card details must not be recorded or stored together with the rest of the call.

So contact centers have the choice to record the payment details on a separate device additional to their on-premise contact center gear or they buy the call recording solution as a separate cloud solution. What ever they choose, it would mean additional costs plus the integration.

I have something better. I can offer you a PCI-compliant call recording solution as part of our integrated platform, basically as a part of our contact center product. This means, the call recording will take place on the same platform, so there is no tromboning and no looping to an external device.

What does the contact center have to do to use our PCI-compliant call recording? It’s all done with a mid-call subroutine. The part of the call, where the customer gives his payment card information is separated from the call with the agent.

This mid-call subroutine is assignable per skillgroup. When it comes to taking the payment information, the agent pushes a button in the agent workplace and the call is sent to the subroutine. There, the caller enters the card details, either via DTMF or Automatic Speech Recognition, and after the successful transaction, the call is resumed.

In the workplace, the agent sees the caller’s progress and remains on hold. This means he is not available for other calls. Should the caller hang up while he’s in the mid-call subroutine, the agent will be available again.

Contact centers can configure the subroutine themselves with the effECTive® Visual Callflow Builder, this means they can determine, what is not recorded from the call with the agent. Thus the agent can record parts of the customer data, like name, credit card institute, product purchased and the prize. In the subroutine, the caller only enters the card number, the validation date and the security code. Our system then sends this data together with the data retrieved from the agent over a secure link to a third party pay server.

The call recording is temporarily paused once the caller is in the subroutine, none of the credit card details are recorded, or stored anywhere.

This is how you do PCI-compliant call recording ECT style. It’s part of our contact center product, it’s freely configurable and cost-effective.

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