Seven Ways to Make Number Translation Services a Success

Transforming non-geographical numbers to geographical numbers is more or less a commodity. So if you want to add value to your NTS, you will need more than just static call routing based on the call origin or the caller ID. Here are seven ideas for really innovative Number Translation Services:

  • Offer more than just one static call routing feature. Route calls based on origin/prefix, weekday or geographical region.
  • Offer dynamic call routing, i.e. routing on parameters that change. Examples are queue length, time of day, skill-based routing, or a percentage allocation.
  • Offer NTS as a scalable solution. Sell a basic feature set and offer your customers additional number translation features they can pick from according to their needs.
  • Offer self-service. Your contact center customers should be able to create and change routing plans themselves as well as the type of routing strategies they need. Here dynamic call routing is really helpful.
  • Offer web-service. Your customers should be able to work on their number translation over the browser of a PC just the way they handle all other network-based contact center settings.
  • Offer single-sign-on. With one log-in your customer should be able to access all your contact center features like NTS, Automatic Call Distribution or your IVR.
  • Enable complex routing scenarios with callflows by integrating IVR functionalities. You can play a prompt while the call is routed to the desired destination, place calls in a queue, communicate with external interfaces (http, SOAP, databases) to collect information during the call (e.g. in customer care scenarios), and use speech recognition as well as text-to-speech. You should be able to set up, change and administer these callflows in real-time over your browser.

Do you have more ideas on how to add some juice to the, admittedly, rather dry subject of number translation, or do you maybe disagree with my points? Then share your thoughts with me.

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