Service Creation Environments – Let’s Be Open

Open source is one of the most popular topics in the entire IT and telecoms world. You can’t succeed if you’re not open. This recognition is also valid for contact center and IVR technology. I think our service creation environment for Interactive Voice Response and our Icon Development Kit are good examples.

Our service creation environment enables you to integrate many CRM systems and external databases using our SOAP/ XML interface. The IVR sends a SOAP request to a database or CRM system and retrieves the information desired by the caller. The logic for this is represented by an icon. The system is so open that in most cases it can interface with smaller-scale databases that do not support SOAP interaction. These should be accessible without any additional programming effort. A “database” icon with underlying script in VoiceXML or ECTXML® does the job. For larger systems, there is an icon for “SOAP request” or “http request”.

There is another aspect regarding openness with our icons; you can develop your own if you wish. You just need to be familiar with basic programming principles and be able to use VoiceXML and CCXML. These newly developed icons are 100 per cent compatible with our Visual Call Flow Builder and work together with other pre-defined and user-defined icons.

For even more openness, there are very interesting business models. You develop your own icon and share it. We deliver the Icon Development Kit with low-level building blocks and libraries. Your customers can use it to design their icons. As a carrier or provider of the solution you can even resell the icon developed by another party. It’s the same principle that Apple uses for open app development.

Honestly, can you be more open than that? If so, please tell me.

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