Network-Based Automatic Call Distribution

Every contact center needs an ACD and every contact center has one. However, in terms of customer experience, automatic call distribution could have a better reputation. Very often, customers get stuck in long queues and have to wait for what feels like ages until they reach the proper agent.

One of the reasons for that is a complicated call distribution process that comes with premise-based equipment. The carrier routes the calls made to a service number to the contact center’s ACD. There, the service number is ‘translated’ into a physical number and sent to the next available agent’s extension. In some cases, the call is routed to yet another location along the way. Until then, the caller has to wait in the queue. That’s not only inconvenient for the person calling the contact center, for the center itself it is expensive if the call has to be routed to various destinations.

But lo and behold, help comes out of the cloud. The first advantage worth mentioning is certainly the fact that a cloud-based ACD replaces the expensive ACD equipment located on the contact center’s premises. There is no purchasing; there is no hardware and software that needs to be maintained. Instead, contact centers can get agent seats on demand at an almost unlimited capacity. This reduces the queue length and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Secondly, there is the technological advantage. With a solution from the cloud, you set up unified queuing for all your contact center locations. The call is no longer routed to an ACD and from there to another contact center and from there to an agent or to a skill group. Instead, the hosted solution routes the call made to the service number directly to the next available agent, regardless of their location. The step in between, where the call is sent to the contact center’s premises and from there to the agent, is no longer necessary.

Apart from equipment expenses, the cloud ACD enhances the customer experience because it shortens the queue and the caller has to spend less time until he reaches an agent. The contact center saves additional money because calls don’t have to be routed to other destinations from the in-house ACD.

So where’s the advantage for the carrier? Well, as a carrier you can offer Automatic Call Distribution at a better price and with enhanced customer experience. Suppliers of enterprise equipment can’t give you that.

Plus, you get an additional source of revenue. You don’t only charge for the service number but also for the ACD service. In other words, a network-based ACD is beneficial for contact centers, customers and carriers.

What’s your experience with ACD from the cloud? Has it made the customer experience cheaper, faster and better for your clients?

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