Green Contact Centers

In this blog, we’ve already talked in detail about the advantages of network-based contact centers. They guarantee flexibility, you don’t have to rely on expensive premise-based equipment, you can add as many agents as you want – on demand… I hope, you’ve all been reading.

There is, however, one major advantage of network-based contact-centers we haven’t highlighted so far: A network-based solution is also more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Take the Agent and Manager Workplace; home agents and managers don’t need to travel to a contact center if they’re using a network-based solution. So unless they walk to work or go by bike, working from home is a significant improvement for their own and their contact center’s carbon footprint.

A contact center that uses both premise and network-based equipment also helps to reduce emissions. When part of the contact center is outsourced and staff work from home, there are fewer agents on the premises to consume energy.

Additionally, with a network-based solution you need less premise-based equipment which consumes energy because all functionalities come out of the cloud. The monetary advantage for the contact center is eminent because it reduces the electricity bill. Thus, network-based contact centers offer considerable savings in both emissions and cash.


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